Alysha Potente

Alysha has been a writer of poetry since she was 16, having been self- taught as a teenager. She developed passion for it at a young age and has continued to write throughout her years, more so frequently in the last few. The technical side of syllable count came in when she studied at Berklee College of Music in 2015, studying in a simple song writing course that highlighted stressed and unstressed syllables and the number of syllables in lines. From there she has moulded her writing to be more technical in this basis from time to time whenever she feels like writing this way, however sometimes she still does prefer to write solely based on free flow.

Poems in the book range from the age of 16 onwards, still sounding good from that age up until now.

Her occupation has been working in the Dental field for nearly 10 years, where this has been a passionate field of hers. In 2015 she also attended University where she studied half a course in Graphic Design. In the Graphic Design course, she created the cellophane heart that appears on the cover of ‘Heart Expressions’ and helped with the design for the front cover of ‘Heart Expressions’.

She has wanted to create a book for many years but has felt now was the right time to do so. With hundreds of poetry under her belt, she plans to create a few more in the future and hopefully collaborate with Musicians in creating lyrics for music.

HEARTSBREAK Heart Expressions by Alysha Potente, poetry book